Standardisation in Companies and Markets (englisch)

Course: Standardisation in Companies and Markets

We invite students, trainees, lecturers and private individuals – FREE OF CHARGE – to join the course - Standardisation in Companies and Markets (english).

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The project ‘Standardisation in Companies and Markets’ represents the first time that a web-based series of lectures using e-learning techniques focusing on this topic has been made available worldwide in English on the Internet. The lectures are structured in modules and are based on the contents of the textbook including the history and principles of standardisation. However, the lecture series offers a number of additional features, including multiple-choice tests, FAQs, keywords and a glossary. The e-learning modules have a multimedia-based interactive design and subject matter covering the latest topics in the field of standardisation within companies and markets.

Campus licence: Standardisation in Companies and Markets
The product offered comprises use of the ILIAS teaching/study management system as well as the facilities of the teaching/study structure in ILIAS, e.g. course, group, forum, chat, etc. The teaching/study contents are implemented as study units, including the MC tests, FAQs, animations, etc.
Our offer to use the ILIAS e-learning management system points towards the future. We are using one of the world’s leading e-learning platforms, which is in fact an open-source product. With this e-learning concept we are offering you a way of participating in the development and use of modern media in teaching.

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