Welcome to the pro-norm website.

pro-norm was developed at and is closely connected with the Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg. It was created at the Department of Standardisation and Technical Drawing/CAD and represents the expertise in teaching and research in the areas of

  • Technical drawing/Design theory and
  • Standardisation

The teaching contents in the subject areas of technical drawing/design theory and standardisation are available in multimedia form on the ILIAS e-learning platform and can be used by users such as trainees, students, lecturers and private individuals.

In addition to this, institutions such as vocational academies, universities and technical colleges may acquire licences for their users. You can obtain further details on each subject area at the respective sites.

With a total of 17 study units on technical drawing/design theory and 19 study units in German as well as 26 study units in English on the subject of standardisation in companies and markets, we offer a comprehensive range of teaching and study material for lecturers and students.

We specially provide students with study material to prepare for examinations. For each study unit you receive comprehensive MC tests, FAQs and Java-based interactive tests. The use of multimedia-based study contents greatly improves self-study and the ability of individuals to assess their own performance level.

We are quite willing to provide you with support and advice through a forum but do not wish to interfere in any way with the teaching programme at your establishment.