The Lecturers´ Network
 Standardisation in Companies and Markets

Preis: 1400 € (Institutionen, Unternehmen, etc...)

The aim of the lecturers´ network is to promote the new media in studies. For the first time, it is now possible to provide professional support for a lecturers’ network by the means of an e-learning platform at

Members of this group receive access against payment to:

  • e-learning units for »Standardisation in Companies and Markets« (26 lectures)
  • PowerPoint presentations relating to the lectures for »Standardisation in Companies and Markets« (approx. 730 PowerPoint slides).
  • FAQs (frequently asked questions) for every lecture
  • MC tests (multiple-choice tests) for every lecture
  • exercises for every lecture

They receive comprehensive teaching materials incorporating the latest developments in European standardisation (updated: October of every year) for the academic subject of »Standardisation in Companies and Markets«.


  • access only for teaching staff/lecturers