Certificate - Standardisation in Companies and Markets

The course offers you a certificate

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Through this course we aim to offer you modern and hence state-of-the-art training that can be pursued independently of time and place. We are therefore offering employees from industry and commerce, in particular, a means of examining and expanding their skills profile within the field of standardisation in companies and markets.

The effectiveness of learning is enhanced through multimedia-based contents which also encourage self-study.

Estimation of a student’s own achievement level is greatly improved by means of tools such as FAQs, multiple-choice tests and exercises. These tools enable students to assess their own learning process at any point in the course.

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Certificate for Standardisation in Companies and Markets

The course comprises extensive study materials on the current status of European standardisation and in the field of »Standardisation in Companies and Markets«:

  • E-learning units for Standardisation in Companies and Markets (26 lectures)
  • PowerPoint presentations relating to the lectures for Standardisation in Companies   and Markets (approx. 730 PowerPoint slides)
  • FAQs (frequently asked questions) for every lecture
  • MC tests (multiple-choice tests) on every lecture
  • Exercises on every lecture
  • Forum and chat functions for communicating with other participants
  • Wiki for working in small groups

Participants receive comprehensive teaching materials incorporating the latest developments in European standardisation (updated: October of every year) for the academic subject of Standardisation in Companies and Markets.